Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's offical, I'm closing my blog. I'll keep in touch by posting on B.'s blog from time to time.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Man Cat Monday

Man Cat Monday brings forth 2 Man Cat pictures of 2 furry manly cats, doing furry manly things.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Smith and Wesson

Hi everyone. This is Wesson's Mom. I just wanted to share this picture that I found of Smith and Wesson. Look how their tales are shaped! It makes me very sad to look at this picture, because I miss Smith so much. I know Wesson does too. They were inseperable.

Also, we still haven't gotten an answer from Emma or Gracie. We think Emma might chose someone else cause we say her name wrong, and that makes us furry sad. Go over to Emma's blog and encourage her to pick Wesson!

Be Mine Emma Kat

This is a spechsul entry. I am askin Emma Kat to be my Valentine. She is furry purrty and I think we would make the cutest couple. I just hope she doesn't accept Shamy's invitation furst. Cause I'm cuter. Oh please, oh pwease little Emma Kat, be mine?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Furst Post

Thought that I would start my furst post with this striking, stunning, photo of me posing in front of the window.

Let me introduce myself. I'm B. Love's 25 lb. fur brother. Mom has had me for over 2 years. I'm part of a pair of wonderful kitties. Smith, and myself, Wesson. We lost Smith almost 1 month ago, and everyone in the house is still adjusting. I'm very aggressive and when the beans makes sounds that I don't like or pet me the wrong way I will let them know.

I'm finally getting used to the new addition to the family. B. Love is very different from myself. He won't go to bed when Mommy and Daddy do, and he gets in trouble at night because he chews on everything. I'm pretty much the purrfect cat and never give Mom and Dad any trouble. B has got a lot to learn if he's going to make it in the house, and I'm here to teach him.